We depend on You!

12 The Lord blesses each nation
that worships only him.
    He blesses his chosen ones.
13 The Lord looks at the world
14     from his throne in heaven,
    and he watches us all.
15 The Lord gave us each a mind,
    and nothing we do
    can be hidden from him.

16 Mighty armies alone
    cannot win wars for a king;
    great strength by itself
    cannot keep a soldier safe.
17 In war the strength of a horse
cannot be trusted
    to take you to safety.
18 But the Lord watches over
    who honor him
    and trust his kindness.
19 He protects them from death
    and starvation.

20 We depend on you, Lord,
    to help and protect us.
21 You make our hearts glad
    because we trust you,
    the only God.
22 Be kind and bless us!
    We depend on you.

The Old Testament has a strong understanding of blessing = having done what God wants, and doing what God wants = blessing.  We may see a bigger picture than that, but it was the one the Psalmist is working with.

And who can argue with verses 20-22, whatever your world view?!

Lord we place our hope in you – you are our help.

~ by pamjw on August 6, 2013.

3 Responses to “We depend on You!”

  1. God says “Trust Me”. No holds barred. “Trust Me”.

    And yesterday lunchtime, at the Mary Rose exhibition in Portsmout with visiting teenage grandchildren, I met a group of American college students.
    They were music students and their colelge choir had just come to the end of a UK tour. When they discovered I am a music teacher they insisted on giving me an impromptu concert – on the dockyard ar Portsmouth they sang a cappella, in 4 parts, the Shaker song “Just One Sparrow” http://youtu.be/YhsOlijIDOo (not the same choir but a good recordingof the song).

    Such a gift that was at that moment, and this post sends the same message this morning. Thank you, Pam, and thanks to Him Whom we can and do trust.

  2. it was! and I was seriously impressed with both their technical skill (performing impromptu to a very high standard) and their faith, which was apparent in their attitude and their singing. And the timing of it all, as ever was God-given. 🙂
    And now- crazy golf with the lads! 😀

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