Shout With Gladness

(A song and a psalm for the music leader.)

Shout Praises to God

66 Tell everyone on this earth
    to shout praises to God!
    Sing about his glorious name.
    Honor him with praises.
Say to God, “Everything you do
    is fearsome,
    and your mighty power makes
    your enemies come crawling.
You are worshiped by everyone!
    We all sing praises to you.”

Come and see the fearsome things
    our God has done!
When God made the sea dry up,
    our people walked across,
    and because of him,
    we celebrated there.
His mighty power rules forever,
    and nothing the nations do
can be hidden from him.
    So don’t turn against God.

All of you people,
come praise our God!
    Let his praises be heard.
God protects us from death
    and keeps us steady.

~ by pamjw on July 2, 2013.

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