God has Come

Do you long to see God?  To know what he is like?  How he acts?

If so, the place to look is at Jesus.  How he lived his life on earth was how God behaves, what he would do.

God wants us to know him and see him – that is what Jesus showed us, and continues to show us if we look.

A Widow’s Son

11 Soon Jesus and his disciples were on their way to the town of Nain, and a big crowd was going along with them. 12 As they came near the gate of the town, they saw people carrying out the body of a widow’s only son. Many people from the town were walking along with her.

13 When the Lord saw the woman, he felt sorry for her and said, “Don’t cry!”

14 Jesus went over and touched the stretcher on which the people were carrying the dead boy. They stopped, and Jesus said, “Young man, get up!” 15 The boy sat up and began to speak. Jesus then gave him back to his mother.

16 Everyone was frightened and praised God. They said, “A great prophet is here with us! God has come to his people.”

17 News about Jesus spread all over Judea and everywhere else in that part of the country.

This story has immediate resonances with this weeks Old Testament Reading from 1 Kings 17.  This time it is Jesus bringing life back to a widow’s son.

But the result is the same – the people’s acknowledgement that here is a prophet.  And a recognition that God has come to his people.

Whatever else these events in Jesus’ life and ministry are for, they are to leave everyone in no doubt that God is here, among his people.

Are we looking to see him?

Are we seeking to be his presence that others may see him?

may I look
that I may see you.
Not just in the obvious
but in all the places you walk,
the unexpected places you work,
the reality you live in.

And as I see you,
may I live
that others may continue to see you

~ by pamjw on June 6, 2013.

One Response to “God has Come”

  1. Thank you, lately i have been through a lot of tough times and at most times my reaction to to these trying times is as if I have no hope that God is always. This post just teaches me that I am not looking at Jesus. Someone ones told me “boy, you look and see”.

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