Sing a Song

This Psalm is an invitation to come and worship God.

Is that something we take enough time to do?

Psalm 96:1-9

Sing a New Song to the Lord

96 Sing a new song to the Lord!
Everyone on this earth,
    sing praises to the Lord,
    sing and praise his name.

Day after day announce,
    “The Lord has saved us!”
Tell every nation on earth,
“The Lord is wonderful
    and does marvelous things!
The Lord is great and deserves
    our greatest praise!
    He is the only God
    worthy of our worship.
Other nations worship idols,
    but the Lord created
    the heavens.
Give honor and praise
    to the Lord,
    whose power and beauty
    fill his holy temple.”

Tell everyone of every nation,
    “Praise the glorious power
    of the Lord.
He is wonderful! Praise him
    and bring an offering
    into his temple.
Everyone on earth, now tremble
    and worship the Lord,
    majestic and holy.”

~ by pamjw on May 28, 2013.

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