Letting Go and Getting Back

This morning, as we entered church for our Churches Together Good Friday Service, we were given a stone.

2013-03-29 11.12.42

I like stones.  I find them very powerful.  I have my own cairn of stones from significant times and places.

So despite my original groan of how many times we’ve done the stone thing before, I picked one up.  I especially picked one I liked the look of that would fit nicely in my hand.  Only when I’d sat down and started to look at it, did I realise it had a huge chunk missing from it…  It wasn’t quite what it first looked like, it wasn’t perfect, but broken.

The stones were really cold when we picked them up.  But I held mine in my hand and it warmed up.  It was lovely and smooth.  Subconsciously I was stroking it lovingly.  I had grown to really like it.  It felt comfortable.

Then of course we’re told we have to let go.  The stone is representing our burdens.  Sins. Things that are weighing us down.  What is holding us back.  We are asked to lay all that at the foot of the cross.

But I like this stone…
I’ve made it mine…
I’ve got used to the feel of it…
I don’t want to let go…

@watfordgap’s response was different, as it would be:

He picked a shiny stone, and held it and rubbed it, thinking this is nice because it’s shiny and smooth – glittery even.  I want to keep this because shiny things are nice.  Then I was asked to give it away and thought ‘I don’t want to give away my shiny stone, shiny things are nice in life’.  But we were told to take them to the cross – and actually that’s where it belongs, putting your shiny things in perspective.

Then on the way out we were given a grain

2013-03-29 11.25.42

whatever we have handed over to God, we are given back potential.

We are given a seed to go and sow, where we are.  The hard stone gone, and replaced by a pliant seed, ready to burst into life.

And the closing prayer

Lord as we carry this cross into our town, may we take your forgiveness, your, love and peace

~ by pamjw on March 29, 2013.

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