The Person I Can Be

To return to where Cottrell was before I wandered off on a tangent, he continues, relating to Jesus’ vocation and self-understanding

They show us his great love for the earth, for the whole created order, and for all creatures in it (p87)

and then blows my mind with

They lead us to a profound reflection on what it means to follow Jesus and be a people of prayer; to be people who gaze at daisies and cradle scorpions; to be people who, like foxes in their holes, find their homes in Christ; and who, like the mother hen who gathers her chicks together, are ourselves gathered into the safe embrace of  a God who is Mother and a Father to us all, and who longs to gather the whole creation into a new creation.

That is the vision Jesus shows us, and what he calls us to be.  They give us a picture of possibility, of what I can be, of what God asks of me.

I, we, may be in the wilderness, but this is how it can be.  That is the kind of person I can be in and through Jesus.

I want to be that person.

These thoughts are reflecting on Stanley Spencer’s painting The Hen (seen here).

This year for Lent, I am reading Christ in the Wilderness by Bishop Stephen Cottrell, published by SPCK, reflecting on Stanley Spencer’s paintings of that title.

I’m not necessarily going to blog every day on it, just when something leaps out at me – and they will be thoughts rather than full blog posts

~ by pamjw on March 19, 2013.

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