God Has Done Great Things

It seems the wrong time of the year in the UK to be celebrating the harvest, but it is the time to be thinking about planting seeds, which inevitably leads to musing on what will grow from those seeds, how well they will do, and how delicious the produce will be – so why not celebrate it.  Even as the ground is once again covered in snow!  It’s never a wrong time to celebrate all the produce we enjoy.


And as we do that, we also celebrate all that God has done for us, and ask him to continue to bless us.

Psalm 126

(A song for worship.)

Celebrating the Harvest

126 It seemed like a dream
when the Lord brought us back
to the city of Zion.
We celebrated with laughter
and joyful songs.
In foreign nations it was said,
“The Lord has worked miracles
for his people.”
And so we celebrated
because the Lord had indeed
worked miracles for us.

Our Lord, we ask you to bless
our people again,
and let us be like streams
in the Southern Desert.
We cried as we went out
to plant our seeds.
Now let us celebrate
as we bring in the crops.
We cried on the way
to plant our seeds,
but we will celebrate and shout
as we bring in the crops.

~ by pamjw on March 12, 2013.

3 Responses to “God Has Done Great Things”

  1. it’s always a good time to celebrate the great things God has done for us… 🙂

  2. yet how often we forget…

  3. 🙂 easy to remember at the moment – but yes, also easy to forget – which is why I’m recording the good times.

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