Just Listen – Day 13

Ah, listening – that old chestnut!  Did you actually hear what I said??  It is perfectly possible to be present, and to hear nothing of what is said, or to hear the noise, but not register the words, or even to hear the words, but do nothing about it.  Sometimes you even get an apparent response to what is said, but when later questioned on why nothing has happened any recollection is denied.

You can see I have vast experience of this!!  And yet.. am I any different?

  • Do I even hear God speak?  Is there so much noise in my life that I can’t hear?  Am I just not paying attention?
  • Do I hear God say something, but do nothing about it?  Am I too wrapped up in me and my problems?  Do I not see the point?  Am I distracted by something else?
  • Do I respond to God’s voice, but then forget?  Or get too busy?
  • Do I even give God the chance to speak?  Do I never stop still long enough? Do I let him get a word in my chatter?


I stop,

and listen.

There is so much to be heard,

when I stop making a noise.

And so,


I purposely take time

to hear your voice,

not what I think you’re saying,

but to really listen

to what you have to say to me.

And as I listen,

may I allow your words

to sink into me,

allow them to touch me,

to shape me,

to challenge me.

Then I respond

The Good Shepherd

23 You, Lord, are my shepherd.
I will never be in need.
    You let me rest in fields
of green grass.
You lead me to streams
of peaceful water,
    and you refresh my life.

You are true to your name,
and you lead me
along the right paths.
I may walk through valleys
as dark as death,
but I won’t be afraid.
You are with me,
and your shepherd’s rod
makes me feel safe.

Your kindness and love
will always be with me
each day of my life,
and I will live forever
in your house, Lord.

This year for Advent, some friends and I are using Advent and Christmas Wisdom from Henri J. M. Nouwen.   You’re welcome to join us on this journey.  Feel free to comment here, or on Twitter using #adventbookclub

~ by pamjw on December 13, 2012.

3 Responses to “Just Listen – Day 13”

  1. It never ceases to amaze me, though it shouldn’t, how often responding to the “still small voice/niggle” is just the right thing at the right time…

  2. Reminds me of the number of times that people think I’ve not been listening, as I’ve been live-tweeting – I’m probably listening MUCH more than I would if I wasn’t being interactive… 🙂

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