Final Words

If someone were describing you, what would they say?  If they were talking about how you have fulfilled your purpose in life, would they think you had succeeded or not?

2 Samuel 23:1-7

David’s Last Words

23 These are the last words
of David the son of Jesse.
The God of Jacob chose David
and made him a great king.
The Mighty God of Israel
loved him.
When God told him to speak,
David said:
The Spirit of the Lord
has told me what to say.
Our Mighty Rock,
the God of Jacob, told me,
“A ruler who obeys God
and does right
is like the sunrise
on a cloudless day,

or like rain that sparkles
on the grass.”

I have ruled this way,
and God will never break
his promise to me.
God’s promise is complete
and unchanging;
he will always help me
and give me what I hope for.
But evil people are pulled up
like thornbushes.
They are not dug up by hand,
but with a sharp spear
and are burned on the spot.

David had been chosen by God to be king.  He was not the one the people expected to be chosen, but he was the one God wanted.

These are his last words.  I wonder if you could plan your last words, what they would be?

Would you have a final message to pass on to loved ones? A final thought of what you thought was important?  I’m sure I’d probably be leaving instructions on how things should be done when I wasn’t around!

David manages to include both a self-assessment and a reminder of God’s promises.

He genuinely believes that he has done what God asked of him, that he has done the task asked of him in the way God wanted.  How great it would be to be able to say that!

But he also points to that God:

  • He will never break his promise
  • his promise is complete
  • he will always help me

That is what David has learned about God during his life and his reign, and he gives the glory and recognition for all he has accomplished to God who has worked in and through him.

I think maybe that would be a better last word from me…


I thank you for all you have done in my life,

all that you have achieved in and through me.

As I reflect on my life,

may I see your hand,

your promises fulfilled,

your help in my struggle,

and point all the glory to you

~ by pamjw on November 19, 2012.

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