God in the Midst

This is where we were last Sunday.  It is Monte Toro, or El Toro,, the highest point in Menorca.

The Guide book tells you that the large statue of Jesus, arms outstretched, is now almost lost against the antennae of the tv stations and mobile phone masts.

To me, you can see that two ways.  Either we can wail at media overtaking our world, obscuring and drowning out Jesus – or you can see that Jesus is there, right in the middle of it all, working and speaking.  It is perhaps a pertinent point on this day of Pentecost, God is there, and God speaks to all the nations and through all media.

A further, similar thought came to me later in the week:

This is the church in Binibeca Vell – except it isn’t actually a church.  It is a very fine looking tower, but underneath is only a niche with a cross, there is no church building.

My initial reaction was how sad.  The only church here is an artificial construct.  Made to look like the prettiness of a church tower, without actually having the building, or the space for God’s people to meet.  But then I thought, maybe that’s how it should be.  God is not for special places, but to be in the middle of where life is.

Today, as we welcome anew the Holy Spirit, as we remember the birth of the church, I give thanks that God is not a sterile God, kept in a special place, away from the ordinary and busyness of life. Thank God that he is with us, in the noise and confusion; in the places where we are; there in it all – speaking, guiding, loving, bring his love, hope and peace; touching us and equipping us for the everyday of life.

~ by pamjw on May 27, 2012.

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