A Good Soak

Before we go away, my seedlings have been put in a large bowl full of water.  They will need watering and this way they can soak it up from their roots.  They will not, I hope, go dry and die on me.

The Christian life is a constant challenge to keep ourselves nourished – and to find the right way to live.  The way that both pleases God and brings honour to him, that others can see his ways lived out in us.  This effects both big lifestyle choices and little ones, it all adds up to being one of God’s people, “the righteous”.

Psalm 1

So what does the Psalmist tell us?  Well continuing the analogy of the tree, the vine bearing fruit, it is the person who is like a tree planted by water, who will yield fruit, not withered leaves.  The law, God’s word, is not there as a list of instructions to be read, but something to feed us, for us to soak ourselves in, to delight in God’s word.

As human beings, living and growing we have to eat.  Eating is a function, but we also enjoy it, we take in the nutrients we need in a way that is enjoyable as well.

We take delight in feeding our bodies, so why not our souls as well?  Do you enjoy feeding on God’s word?  Do you soak your roots in it, so you are nourished and refreshed for the life you live?  If you are responsible for teaching God’s word to others, do you put it across as something life-giving and life-enhancing, rather than dry and stuffy?

The other piece of advice we are given is,

Do not sit in the company of mockers,

wise advice indeed.  For we can tend to get caught up in the activities of those whose company we keep.  Sitting with the mockers can take us to places we don’t want to be, before we know it we can be joining in.  Great if you are going to be challenging their behaviour, but not so easy.  Better to be delighting in God, spending time soaking in him that we may bear the right fruit in season.

Do you want to belike a tree growing by a stream?


may I delight in you,

long to know more of you,

for you to be the place I find my refreshment,

my joy,

my peace.

May I soak my roots deep into you

and your word,

that my life may be lived in your ways.

~ by pamjw on May 14, 2012.

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