What Now?

Having you ever felt a huge sense of anti-climax?  You were expecting something spectacular, and somehow it all seems to have gone wrong.

Jesus Is Buried

42It was now the evening before the Sabbath, and the Jewish people were getting ready for that sacred day. 43A man named Joseph from Arimathea was brave enough to ask Pilate for the body of Jesus. Joseph was a highly respected member of the Jewish council, and he was also waiting for God’s kingdom to come.44Pilate was surprised to hear that Jesus was already dead, and he called in the army officer to find out if Jesus had been dead very long. 45After the officer told him, Pilate let Joseph have Jesus’ body.

46Joseph bought a linen cloth and took the body down from the cross. He had it wrapped in the cloth, and he put it in a tomb that had been cut into solid rock. Then he rolled a big stone against the entrance to the tomb.

47Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of Joseph were watching and saw where the body was placed.

So what do we do now?  It all seems to have gone wrong.  There’s a huge sense of anti-climax.

Jesus made so many claims.  We thought he was showing us a new way to understand God; a new way to live, that was how God wanted it.

Everyone else seems to be carrying on as normal.  Don’t they know?!

Joseph did the only thing we can do for Jesus now, claimed the body, tended it, wrapped it, and placed it in tomb.  He wanted to do his best for Jesus still – we all did.

All we can do now is wait and see what happens.  See what lasting effect what Jesus taught us has on us.

It all seemed so promising…


I wait,

to see what you are going to do next

This year, I am again following the BigRead using Tom Wright’s Lent for Everyone – Mark.  I’ll reflect here – if you’re following it too, or even if you’re not, please share with me.

~ by pamjw on April 7, 2012.

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