This is What it’s Going To Be Like

Sometimes it is hard to believe or understand the reality of something until you are there in it.  People can explain carefully what will happen, but only in the experience does reality hit home.  People warn you what having children will be like, you only begin understand when you bring them home from hospital and are alone and responsible for them.  Before my recent operation, I was told to expect afterwards, but only when I was there did that reality sink in.

We are coming to the climax of Jesus life, things are about to get serious.  It is no longer a good philosophy or a nice idea.  God’s new thing is about to cost – dearly.  Are we up for the journey?

Today’s reading can be found here:

Mark 14:1-15:47

It is a long reading, but an opportunity to get an over view of what is about to come.  In it we see:

  • a valuable offering – that became preparation for Jesus burial – how much must that have meant to Jesus at that time?
  • preparations for a meal with Jesus
  • Jesus knowing that someone would betray him to his enemies, turning their backs on the new thing God was doing to be popular with those who wanted him gone.  Is it me Lord?
  • Jesus taking bread and wine and turning them into something totally different – at the same time prophecy of what was going to happen, and an eternal reminder to them of himself and his message
  • Peter being so sure he would never desert Jesus
  • Jesus asking the disciples to pray with him in his struggle – and them falling asleep
  • Judas arriving with those who wanted Jesus gone.  Betraying Jesus with the mark of love, tuned to a sign of rejection
  • Jesus being taken to the High Priest, the hunt for a charge – and their inability to find one – there was no reason to kill Jesus.  The best they could come up with was a charge of “Blasphemy” – and yet…
  • Peter deciding after all that he could not acknowledge that he was with Jesus – and realising what he’d done
  • the Chief Priests handing Jesus over to Pilate, who tried to get Jesus released, but was shouted down by the crowds
  • Jesus handed over to be crucified
  • God’s new thing – gone

And all for love of you and me

Perhaps today, on a Saturday, you have some time to read the Narrative of Jesus last few days through.  Take your time, put yourself there, and let God speak to you through it.  Hear his voice, hear him calling to you, challenging you, offering you food for life, and his new way of living as you journey with him.

Tom’s prayer for today (p 145):

Give us,

almighty God,

the faith and courage

to stand this week

at the foot of the cross

and learn to see your glory there

This year, I am again following the BigRead using Tom Wright’s Lent for Everyone – Mark.  I’ll reflect here – if you’re following it too, or even if you’re not, please share with me.

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