Running your Race

The soon to be upon us, London 2012 Olympic Games will feature 26 sports, which break down into 39 disciplines.  Events will take place in 33 venues, not even all in London.

Including the  Lee Valley White Water Centre

So althought the Olympics is made up of races and games, there is not a race, or a game.  People canoing in Hertfordshire are not competing against tennis players at Wimbledon; those playing handball in the Copper Box are not competeing against the beach volley ball players on Horse Guards Parade; and even in the Olympic Stadium, the 100m runners are in a different race to the 3000m steeplechase.  They will all be running their own race, playing their own game.

Even within the same events, each athlete has to run their own race.  Yes can see where others are, but you have to run your race, in the way that works best for you.

So Paul reminds the Corinthians

Run in such a way as to get the prize

Run for all you’re worth – but it is your race.  We are running towards the crown, the prize that God offers to each one of us – but we are all in our own race.  What matters is that we reach to goal that is set for each one of us.

We should not compare ourselves against others and how they are running or training – they are in a different race, a differet training pattern may have been set for them.  Their reward is in their race, yours is in yours.

Other people will have different hurdles, different paths through life.  Their life is not yours.  So don’t look around and see what others are doing, and compare yourself.  You are responsible to God for your path through life.  Yes we can offer each other tips, but we don’t know what someone elses life is like, what they are dealing with.

So lets not beat ourselves up about what someone else seems to be doing so wonderfully, that we could never match.

Lets not look down on others because they aren’t running so fast, or so elegantly.

Lets keep our eyes fixed firmly on Jesus, and run towards him.  Focussing on his goal for us – and his strength to complete the race.

Forgive me Lord,

the times when I’m busy looking around

and not at you;

the times I’m wishing I had someone elses race

not the one you have given me;

the times I look at others

and wonder why they’re not doing what I’m doing.


may I fix my eyes on you,

and run





~ by pamjw on February 9, 2012.

2 Responses to “Running your Race”

  1. We’re getting excited here too:
    God bless you

    • Looks great! Thanks for sharing. I’d forgotten the torch is coming through here too. It will be interesting to see what the effect is on communities.

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