Do You Really Want To?

Go on, you know you want to

You do want to, don’t you?

Cajoling, hustling, gentle persuasion, or “I’ll scream and scream until I’m sick” – always to try to persuade someone to do something they don’t want to.  We’ve all had to do it, and we’ve all had it tried on us, I’m sure.

A man comes to Jesus and asks him to make him clean – to cure his leprosy.

If you are willing…

He’s hesitant, he wonders if Jesus will want to, he doesn’t want to make him… perhaps he’s offering Jesus a get-out clause, or saving any embarrassment if Jesus doesn’t want to – or can’t…   But he’s also offering Jesus the opportunity to say he is willing and to show it.

Jesus immediate response is to say,

I am willing

It is Jesus heart-felt desire that all should be made whole.  He reaches out, he touches and the man is restored.

For this man, restoration and wholeness meant being rid of his leprosy.  For us it may be something else.  But Jesus longs to meet our need.  The man asked to be made clean – for that he needed to be rid of his leprosy.

Sometimes, when we think our needs aren’t being met, we think that God/Jesus is unwilling to help.  We assume he is disinterested or busy with important jobs.  And we cry out,

Do you really want to help?

But sometimes our question is more like Violet Elizabeth, “Will you do what I want?”, not “Will you meet my real need?”

Jesus is ready and willing to work in us and with us.  Sometimes he works how we expect him to, sometimes he works things out some other way.  Sometimes we see the effect immediately, sometimes it takes a lot longer.  But the answer to the question, “are you willing?” is always


Thank you Lord

that you are always willing.

Forgive me the times

when I am not willing

to work with you;

to wait for you;

to even ask you in the first place…

Thank you

that you never abandon me;

you are never too busy,


or just don’t want to help.

May I allow you to work in me

to make me whole

~ by pamjw on February 7, 2012.

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