Doing What you’reTold

I don’t know about you, but im not very good at doing what im told! I have a habit of thinking I know better…
So I have a lot of sympathy for Jonah, who when told to go to Nineveh, turned and ran away.

When I first heard God’s call to itinerant ministry, I offered God a lot of very sensible alternatives – but he didn’t accept any of them!

In this reading, Jonah has come to his senses, realized there’s no point arguing with God, and sets off to do what was asked of him in the first place.
So it’s no surprise then when the people respond. Because Jonah finally does what god asked of him, the people are able to hear the message, believe in god and respond in repentance. Their lives are saved.
So, when God calls on us to do something, we have a responsibility to respond. He’s asking us for a reason. There’s a message people need to hear.

  • Have you heard God asking you to do something for him?
  •   how have you responded?

There’s still time to act on Gods call…

Thank you Lord
that you call to me;
that there are tasks you call me to
that can make a real difference
in the lives of others.
Help me not to be afraid,
or think I have a better plan
– but to step out with you.

~ by pamjw on January 17, 2012.

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