I wonder

I still remember that delicious feeling, each time I had even an inkling that I was pregnant.  Knowing that something was happening.  An event that was going to change my life, our life, the shape of our family, a new person to make their way in the world.

At that stage the world is full of possibilities.  You might be carrying the child to find cures to diseases, they may be someone who brings peace, they may spread love and happiness wherever they go.  Whatever they do, they will be their own unique person, bringing their own gifts and blessings.

Jesus is coming.  What thoughts does that raise in your mind?  Joy?  Excitement?  Panic that you’re not ready?  Disinterest at his relevance?  Disbelief?

In 1988, before the days of instant early home pregnancy tests, you still had to make an appointment to see your GP, who sent of a sample to the hospital to be tested, who then wrote back with the results when they’d got them.  There was quite a wait.  You were usually seven or eight weeks pregnant by the time you knew, so there was plenty of time to mull over the possibilities.

Perhaps Advent can be like that for us?  To take time to wonder at the possibilities of Jesus coming into our world.  How will it effect you?  What does it mean to you?  How does life change?

Let’s take some time to wonder…

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