Waiting for God

It is very frustrating waiting in.  Waiting for someone or something that is coming… but you don’t know when.  A parcel that is “out for delivery”, but with no estimate for the time, or a workman who will “be there that day – but I can’t say when”.

You sit and wait, ears strained for their arrival, ready and eager to be able to get on.  You may get sidetracked, you may get bored.  You’re waiting, just waiting, and you don’t know how long for.

As we begin our Advent journey, we are waiting.  Waiting for Jesus to come. Waiting for the day when he will gather his people.  God is coming.  We should be waiting.  We should not be sidetracked, wander off to do other things, forget all about his arrival. We should watch.

The culmination of the last few weeks readings come to this point.  God is coming.  We do not know when.  But whenever it is, we need to be ready.

In the much talked about John Lewis Christmas Advert, the boy is waiting

He just can’t wait for Christmas, he is bursting with excitement.

Is that how we are waiting for God, not at Christmas, but for always?  We can’t wait, we’re so looking forward to it, to sharing with him?

Or may we have lost interest, got side-tracked, taking our eye of the ball?

God will come.  We need to be ready.


at times I feel ready,

so longing for you to be here,

to change the world,

to sweep me up.

But I get distracted,

I wander off to look at other things,

I take my eyes from you.


may I wait,


in great anticipation,

for all that you have to share with us


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