Thank God

It’s always nice when people say thank you, especially if they are thanking you for just being you – not necessarily for the things you do, but the person you are.

It strikes me as we read through Paul’s letters to the churches, that he is always keen to express his appreciation to people and what they do and mean to him. He does it again in this reading.

That makes me wonder, how ready we are to let others know how much they mean to us, how much they help us, how closer they lead us to God?  It is a good thing to do.

So what was Paul thankful for in the Corinthians?

Their lives are visibly enriched by God’s grace at work in  them; their speaking is a testimony to Christ; they are waiting eagerly for Jesus to be revealed.

Are these things others would thank God for in our lives?  Would they see such qualities in us?

As we give thanks for others, we reflect too on our lives.  Are they the beacon for God they could be?

Thank you God

for the people you have put in my life.

Those who show love,

and patience;

those who show me you

and your ways.

May I appreciate them,

thank them,

and in doing so

reflect on my life

and if it helps others

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