Take as You Find

If we know someone is coming to our house, we do try to tidy up, to prepare for their arrival.  If someone calls by unexpected, they are very welcome – but they take us as they find us.  The house might be a mess, we may be dressed in our slobbing clothes, you may get a different picture, depending on when you catch us.

As the crescendo towards Advent continues, we are reminded to be ready for God’s coming.  They Day of the Lord WILL come.  We do not know when it will be, we do not know when that day may come for us, but come it will.  One moment things may be perfectly normal, the next we may be meeting God.


Paul’s advice to the Thessalonians – and us is:

Do not be taken by surprise.

If someone is coming, you’d want to be found awake and sober.

But Paul goes on to say,

God did not choose us to suffer his anger, but to possess salvation

The ultimate reason for God’s coming is not to make people suffer, to destroy them; but so that we might receive the salvation he offers.  Judgement is not meant to be a bad thing, but a positive thing, leading to life with him.

We might deserve the wrath and anger of God, but Jesus died so that we might find the salvation God longs for us and offers to us.

I was told a long time ago

You don’t need to pay the price for your sin – Jesus already has.

That doesn’t mean we can go on doing what we like, for we will be called to account.  But it does mean that if we turn to God, knowing what we have done wrong, Jesus has already done the work to take our wrong.  If we live in that, then at judgement we will be able to live together with God.

So how do we live like that?  By being always ready for God and what he is doing – and encouraging and helping one another.


how will you find me

when you come?

Will I be sleeping,

or distracted?

Or alert

and waiting

for you?


and encouraging others?

Thank you Lord,

that Jesus had paid the price

for the things I get wrong –

that we might live together.

Help me to accept that,

live it,

and share it


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