Enough is Enough

You can go so far, but enough is enough.

As children, we knew we had a certain amount of leeway, but we also knew when to stop, when boundaries had been pushed far enough – and if we didn’t, we were soon reminded!

We have rules and we have boundaries, for the good of us all.  We need to know where to stop.

As we approach Advent, the focus of the church is on the time when Jesus will return in his glory.  The reality is that God will sit in judgement.  There is no point having a bar if nothing is measured by it.

God has standards, not because he wants to control us, but because he loves us and knows how far we should go, and if he is going to do that, there has to be a point where enough is enough.

In the light of that Zephaniah offers us some advice:

The day is near when the Lord will sit in judgment; so be silent in his presence.   Zephaniah 1:7

It is good to pause and reflect on our lives, on our relationship with God, on how we live that out in our lives.

So I invite you today to take this chance.

To sit in God’s presence, be silent, hear what he has to say to you.


in your presence

I know I fail to measure up.

I do not reach your standards.

As I come before you now,

I pray that you will cleanse me

and restore me,

that I may walk

ever more closely

in your ways



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