3 reasons

I don’t have to come here to be insulted, I can get that at home!  So the saying goes…

Such has been Paul’s experience in Philippi he says, but he has not let it put him off coming to Thessalonica, and with the courage given to him by God, he has continued to bring the Good News.

Paul has three reasons for doing what he’s doing, and risking all the abuse he gets:

  • He’s not trying to please people – but God
  • He always speaks as God wants
  • He’s ready to share, not just the good news – but their lives as well

Paul and his companions have lived a life that pointed to God.  It would have been easier at times not to, but they knew the Good News had to be lived and told, and so they set to it.  And they do it all because of love.  They love the Thessalonians, along with the other communities they have visited, so much, they are willing to suffer insult and persecution to please God, to speak as he wants them, and to share their very lives.

Their love is so overwhelming, that they can do little other than share.

But what about me?!

What are we prepared to put up with, so that we can continue to share the good news with others?

How much of our lives are we prepared to share?

Are we trying to please people – or only God?


I know what you ask of me,

but I find it hard.

I don’t want to put all of me out there –

I want to keep some bits for myself;

I so want people to like me;

I like a reasonably easy life…


fill me so full of your love for others

that I can do no other

than live solely for you



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