Sour Grapes 2

This is a slightly edited re-post

Isaiah 5:1-7

A Song about a Vineyard
The LORD said:

1I will sing a songabout my friend’s vineyard

that was on the side

of a fertile hill.

2My friend dug the ground,

removed the stones,

and planted the best vines.

He built a watchtower

and dug a pit in rocky ground

for pressing the grapes.

He hoped they would be sweet,

but bitter grapes

were all it produced.

3Listen, people of Jerusalem

and of Judah!

You be the judge of me

and my vineyard.

4What more could I have done

for my vineyard?

I hoped for sweet grapes,

but bitter grapes

were all that grew.

5Now I will let you know

what I am going to do.

I will cut down the hedge

and tear down the wall.

My vineyard will be trampled

and left in ruins.

6It will turn into a desert,

neither pruned nor hoed;

it will be covered

with thorns and briars.

I will command the clouds

not to send rain.

7I am the LORD All-Powerful!

Israel is the vineyard,

and Judah is the garden

I tended with care.

I had hoped for honesty

and for justice,

but dishonesty

and cries for mercy

were all I found.

On our holidays this year, we spent some of the time at this vineyard – and very nice it was too!  We stayed in a holiday lodge within the vines.

Each vineyard has its own terroir.  The “sense of place” that gives each vineyard its own characteristics that reflect the area and the effects of the environment.  This area is famous for the Limoux wine, a sparkling wine that preceded champagne.


God has provided the finest vineyard, prepared the ground, planted only the best vines.  The ground has been cared for and the vineyard watched over.  What more could he do?

He has given the very best he had, done the most he could, thrown his everything at it.  Is it unreasonable to expect some decent grapes, beautiful, sweet fruit of his vines?

But no, all he got for his efforts were bitter grapes.

God had tended and cared for his people. He had hoped that with his care they would produce honesty and justice.  Sadly, not so.

What more can God do?  He despairs of the produce of his people’s lives.  God has not reaped what he has sown, what he deserved for the effort he put in, and he is disappointed.

Yet fortunately for us, this is not the end of the story – and he does come to do something about it…


so often

I am not what I should be.

You deserve more

for the work you have put in to me.

Thank you Jesus that you gave more.

Turn the sourness of my grapes to sweetness

I pray

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