We’re working through all the bad emotions this week!

This is another tale of the abundance of God’s love – and the disgruntledness (I think I made that word up, but you know what I mean!) of those who think they should get something more than others.

The workers that were hired early in the day had agreed a wage they were happy with, and had worked hard all day.  The became unhappy when they saw that those hired at the last minute were being given exactly the same wages – how unfair!!

I suspect this was a little bit of the same thoughts and emotions going through Jonah’s mind…

After all I’ve done

All the hard work on my part – and others seem to be getting the same reward.

It is up to God what he does, and his love is so abundant – and so equal.  He loves no one any more or any less.  Far from making anyone feel jealous, or put out – how fantastic is that!!!

God’s love is so immense, there is plenty to go round.  However long we’ve been hanging around outside or working hard for him, we are all accepted and welcomed in – and we are all treated the same.

Praise God that he welcomes you as much as the next person, wherever you or they have been.  So, let’s welcome others in, and be thankful that God accepts them as he accepts you and me.

Thank you Lord

That you value us all,

and welcome us in.

Thank you that you treat us all the same,

whether we have been near or far.

Thank you for inviting me to work for you,

on the same terms as you invite others.

May my focus be on you,

and not me

or them.

~ by pamjw on September 14, 2011.

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