Don’t Judge

How easy it is sometimes to make snap judgement – especially about other people’s behaviour.

These adverts give a humorous look at why we shouldn’t judge others quickly
The Romans were clearly having problems with judgement – people deciding what others should or shouldn’t be doing.
They each felt they knew the ideal for how faith should be lived out, and couldn’t understand why everyone else wasn’t living the same way.

The saying goes,

Never criticize a man until you’ve walked a mile in his moccasins.
How true that is.  We do not know what someone else’s life is like.  We cannot assume it is as it looks to us.  And we certainly cannot sit in judgement on any decisions they make, because we are not making them from where they are.
And we would expect the same for us from others.
Paul tells the Romans not to judge, for which of us can stand in judgement of those around us?  Have we really got things so right ourselves??  Each of us is going to have to give an account of ourselves to God, and that should be enough to keep our minds and hearts occupied, without worrying about other people and what they are doing.  We should leave that for God to sort out.

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