Fault Finding

It seems to have become the thing for the media to do what they can to find out things about public figures and do all they can to spread that information.

Tonight’s “news” includes

Minister snapped leaving No 10 with Afghan memo

whatever happened to the moral responsibility to not spread this, but perhaps think to just delete the photo and say no more, or have a quiet word in the ear of the minister concerned.

Jesus has some advice that seems totally pertinent to us:

“If your brother or sister sins,go and point out their fault, just between the two of you” (Matthew 18:15)

Don’t go making a song and dance about it.  Don’t go escalating it to make a big fuss – or a law suit!  Just a quiet word is the way to go – certainly to start with.

They may not realise what they’ve done.  We may even have misunderstood.  A quiet word may quickly sort it out.

Now isn’t that a better way to live?


Forgive me Lord,

when I am quick to point out others faults;

when I want to shout about them,

so everyone knows what THEY have done wrong.

Help me to care,

to seek to understand,

and walk the way of reconciliation


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