Hero to Zero

How long does it take someone to go from the highest moment of their life – to the lowest?

Peter has made his profound statement showing that he has totally grasped what it is that Jesus is all about, and Jesus has blessed him and told him that he will be the rock – the one on which the church is built…

… and yet now, as Jesus begins to explain the implications of being the Messiah, Peter turns, and is rebuked by Jesus – and even called Satan – he is standing in the way of what Jesus needs to do.  From showing so much understanding, he now shows that he hasn’t really understood at all, and far from building the church, he is stopping it.

Following Jesus, he tells them, is not about saving your own life – but offering it.  It’s not about the way Peter wants it, but the way, through God, it has to be.

To me, Peter offers hope.  He was so close to Jesus – yet at times so very far away from what Jesus was asking of him. He is a hot head, and speaks without thinking – but he is passionate; so many times he gets it so wrong – but he is still the rock, the one Jesus calls and uses; he can show profound understanding – and total misunderstanding.  He is real, he is human, and Jesus loves him and uses him.

That must mean that he might be able to use me too, with all my hot-headedness, my misunderstandings, the times I get things wrong…

Thank you Lord

that you can use me,

though I get things wrong,

and misunderstand.

When I stand in the way,

and stop the building,

turn me,

re-focus me –

use me Lord,

take me

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