Taking it back

I’m never that keen on trying clothes on in shops.  Yes you need to get a rough idea of it it’s going to fit you, but I’d much rather bring it home, try it on in the comfort of my own bedroom, see how it looks with other things and be able to see it in real light.

I can do that because I know that stores will take their products back.  I can return an item if it’s label is still on and with a receipt and be given my money back or something else.

Of course shops only do this if the item is still in perfect condition, and are under no obligation to do so, but do it to be helpful.

God makes the promise of taking back under quite different circumstances to Jeremiah:

If you return, I will take you back, and you will be my servant again

Jeremiah had been having a good old moan to God.  God had given Jeremiah this message to deliver.  The people weren’t happy to hear that they were facing destruction because of the way they had chosen to live their lives, and of course they were taking it out on Jeremiah.  Jeremiah feels despondent about constantly having to be telling them bad news – after all, he’d never wanted the job in the first place!

He feels he’s done what God asked him to – yet is suffering for it.  He is turning his back on God and what he has asked him to do.

But far from turning him away, God says he will take Jeremiah back.

God doesn’t say, ‘Jeremiah you moan so, go away’.  He doesn’t say, ‘Jeremiah you haven’t done what I asked you to, you are no longer mine’.  God doesn’t refuse to take Jeremiah back because he is soiled and broken, no if Jeremiah turns back to God, he is welcome and accepted, and given his task again.

Whoever we are, whatever our problems, whatever we have got wrong, God still welcomes us back to him.  If we come back to him, he doesn’t reject us as wrong, already used – or misused.  He accepts us, welcomes us home, and invites us to start again back on the right track.


I know

that at times I have wandered s far from what you have asked me to do;

I have not enjoyed it;

I have complained;

and I have got it wrong.

But thank you

that it I return to you,

you welcome me home,

you rescue me

and invite me back to the task.


this day,

I return to you




~ by pamjw on August 23, 2011.

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