Another brick in the wall?

One of the most fascinating parts of Mansfield history is that of the rock houses – houses cut into the sandstone cliffs, inhabited until the late 19th Century.

Many things can be done with rock, useful things..

creative things…

and the splendour of nature…        Pieces of rock are  broken off to be used, but those pieces remain intrinsically the same as the whole they were taken from.  They will have the same properties, and act in the same way.

It is to this fact that Isaiah turns in his message of hope:

 Consider the rock you were cut out of.
Think about the rock pit you were dug from (Isaiah 51:1)

Think, remember Sarah and Abraham – they were without hope, yet God blessed them with such abundance.

And what happened to them will happen to you.   The same comfort is available.  You are of the same line, from the same stock.  As God blessed them so he will bless you.

God’s saving love is not selective, it is for all his people.  As a piece of rock taken and used in different ways, yet remains intrinsically the same as the rest of the block it was from; so too God’s people remain his people however they are shaped, whatever they do.  In that there is hope.


God brings hope, and he brings love.  He brings it to you, wherever you are, because you are a part of his creation.  Whether you feel like a beautiful piece of sculpture, an ornate carving, a stunning rocky crag,  just an ordinary brick in a wall, or a discarded lump of rock, you are part of God’s world.  He loves you the same and he promises to bring to you the same blessings as he always has brought to his people.

May his words comfort you today.


thank you

that I am part of the whole of your creation.

That you love me as you love others.

That however I feel,

useful or useless,

beautiful or mundane,

I am a part of your whole,

and you bless me.


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