That’s enough

What’s not to like about a picnic with friends?  A nice leisurely afternoon enjoying the fresh air, and good finger food.

Yet that is not quite the situation Jesus and his disciples find themselves in, in this story.  The people have gone out to listen to Jesus speaking, and had spent so much time there that now it’s getting late and they’ve got no food.  The disciples want to send the people on their way, Jesus tells them not to do that, but to do something about the situation themselves.

I’ve blogged about Mark’s version of this story already this year You Do Something.

It can be so easy to pass the buck, let someone else pick up the pieces of a situation, but Jesus challenges us to do something.

I’m not sure about you, but so often I’m with the disciples, ‘what have I got that can be of any use?’  ‘Look what a small thing I have for such a large task.’

Jesus response to that?  To smile slowly, and say

bring it here, give it to me

In Jesus hands, five loves and two fish are not just enough – but an abundance.  They meet the need and some.

So what have we got that we’re doing nothing with – because we don’t think it’s enough?  We think the little we have is too small, too insignificant.  But Jesus says to us,

bring it here, give it to me

and in his hands, what we have to bring to him is enough.  He can take it and use, and bless others with it.

So don’t worry that you have nothing to offer, that what you have is not enough.

Bring it to God, give it to him – and watch what he can do with it.


I feel insignificant,


lacking –


I offer to you

what I have,

and ask you to take it,

and use it,

to meet the needs you see



~ by pamjw on July 25, 2011.

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