Gift Giving

There are so many different parts in a human body: not just bones, but muscles, tendons, skin, blood,cells of all kinds.  But they all work together in wonderful harmony to make the marvel that the body is.

We soon realise when part of our body is not working as it should, it effects all the rest and can make life difficult, or need an adaptation to cope with it.  Every part of our body is important and has it’s purpose.

So is the community of the church.

Paul reminds us that each and every one of us has a gift, but no two of us will have the same one.  The point being that all of us are needed to make the church function correctly.  And the same is true of the rest of life.  Each of us has something to bring, our own unique part to play.

I’m sure we’ve all been to bring and share parties.  I’m sure we’ve also been to ones that are heavy on the sausage rolls and no cake, or plenty of cake and no crisps.  If everyone brings the same thing the meal is rather unbalanced, better when there is a little of everything.  And that is the way with us.

If we were all the same, life would be very unbalanced.

We may gaze in awe at the things some people can do.  I so wish I could paint – but we don’t all have to be the same, we all bring our skills and together they make a whole.  If any one person holds back, something is missing, we need to give what we have, not leave it to others, and not wish we had something different.  If everyone painted, who would bring music, or baking, or time to talk?

We all have a gift.  Let’s receive it from God and willingly share it for the good of all.

Thank you Lord

that each one of us

has a gift given by you.

May we share our gift

that together we may make a whole,

with no parts missing.


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