Don’t Stare

I must confess that on our recent holiday, we spent a lot of time staring at the sky.  We were on a French hillside in The Aude with sky all around, and our lodge had been built specifically to face the setting sun. We had the time to stop and stare – and we did.

Jesus has been taken up to Heaven.

The disciples have had the privilege of more time to spend with him since his resurrection, more opportunity to learn more, and now he has gone. But before he goes, Jesus tells them that they will not be left alone – the Holy Spirit will come to them and give them the power for all they are called to do.

And then he was gone.  And the disciples are left standing and staring.

But they are reminded that is not what they are called to do.  They are not there to watch for Jesus coming back, but to get on with the tasks he has given them to do, the work of being his witnesses, his presence, here on earth.  Yes they have seen some amazing things, but they were not for the sake of gawping, but for equipping – and now is the time to get on with it.

We may love to sit in wonder and awe at God and all he has done for us, and that is the right thing to do – but there comes a time for action.  There is no point being aware of God’s awesomeness if it doesn’t move us to do something.

So let’s take time to stare – and then get on with what God is calling us to do through that.


when I gaze on you,

when I look in awe at all that you have done,

I am caught up in wonder and praise.

But from there

may I take all you give

and go and tell others

what there is to see.

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