Drink up!

When we were younger, our mum always made us drink a glass of milk every day.  It was

“Good for you!”

I’m not sure I enjoyed it, but I have to say, I do have incredibly strong bones, so it must have done me some good.

Peter tells those he is writing to, to “be like new-born babies, thirsty for the pure spiritual milk that will help you grow and be saved.”

We need the things that make us grow to be healthy and strong.  In our daily lives, however nice cakes and chips may be, we do need to maintain a diet of essential nutrients.  We need to feed our bodies well, and we need to feed our spiritual life well too.

If we were to eat a diet of only cake and chips, our skin would not look good, our bodies would not function well, we would not be able to maintain our health.  The same is true of our spiritual diet.

For good spiritual health we need to feed off God, his word and his life.  Other things may seem tempting and delicious – but are they keeping us healthy?

So in our spiritual life, is it going to be junk food – or God’s food?


perhaps I need to look at my diet.

There are so many delicious thing I like,

but do they do me good,

are they bringing me closer to you?

Are they helping me grow in you?

Or just making my life unhealthy?


I want to drink only from your pure spiritual drink,

that I may grow

in you.


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