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What a day it’s been!

They came and arrested Jesus.  Judas did betray him – he brought the soldiers and the Temple Police – brought them to that place we’d met so often. He turned our special place into a place of struggle.  I still don’t know why he did it…


They took him first to Annas, seems they were going down the blasphemy line.  Why else take him to the High Priest?


We followed along, but we didn’t want to get too close – who knew what was going to happen?  They recognised Peter though, I suppose it was because he always spoke out!  The girl said to Peter, ‘you’re with him aren’t you?’, but he insisted he wasn’t.  Don’t know if anyone was fooled.


The High Priest questioned Jesus.  Who was he?  What had he said?  What did it mean?

Jesus said he wasn’t the one to ask.  The people had been there.  What did they make of it all?


Pretty much what those outside were asking Peter.  You are someone who’s been with Jesus aren’t you?  But he still insisted he wasn’t.  ‘But I saw you,’ one of them said.  Peter denied it all.  I’m glad they didn’t ask me – I’m not sure I’d have been any braver…


Having got nowhere with the religious authorities, they dragged Jesus off to Pilate, the Roman governor.  Pilate is confused why they’ve brought a religious criminal to him, why not sort it out by the Temple Laws.

Then it becomes clear why.  They can’t pass the sentence of death.  This is snowballing out of control.  It is now very serious.  Death?  How did we get here?

So Pilate asks him about being a king.  But he doesn’t understand the answers.

Pilate finds Jesus guilty of nothing.

He wants to set him free.  Yet somehow, how?, the people want a terrorist set free.  How can they choose a terrorist for freedom over Jesus??  What is going on here?  But it looks like the death of Jesus is setting a guilty man free.  His penalty is paid by Jesus.


They whip Jesus, and they taunt him.  All he has ever done is try to show them God’s ways.  Don’t they get that?


Jesus was taken. He was stretched out. Nailed to a cross.  The man who had only ever loved.  The man who wanted to bring hope and reconciliation to a broken world.  Killed for his troubles.


Someone got it though, because the sign above him said KING OF THE JEWS.  And do you know what?  It said it in Hebrew, Latin and Greek – everyone could understand the truth who cared to look.


As life ebbed from him, Jesus cried out, “Everything is done”.

And it was.



I followed you Lord.

Walked with you,

heard your teaching,

watched the amazing things you could do,

saw how you loved people,

knew you loved and accepted me.


I followed you Lord.

Sometimes I’ve got it wrong.

I’ve made mistakes,

done the wrong thing,

even denied I knew you at times,

but you always gave me another chance.


I followed you Lord,

All the way to Jerusalem.

I watched what they did to you,

saw them beat you

and abuse you

and finally nail you to a cross.


I followed you Lord.

What happens next?

~ by pamjw on April 22, 2011.

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