Love i


This is a card from, standing up for those still trapped in slavery

Well yesterday was Valentines Day.  An opportunity, if it is required, to tell someone that you love them – though I am reliably informed that it is not necessary to buy a card, flowers, something cuddly, or anything else to do that!


But love is a much wider concept than the romantic love between two people.  It is a principle for life, that this weeks three lectionary readings spell out for us.


The laws of Leviticus tells us quite clearly,

Love others as you love yourself

I suppose our natural English reticence and self-deprecation makes us immediately shun this thought.  We’re not good at loving ourself, we like to leave that to others, which is presumably why we get so caught up in needing to be loved.

An perhaps that’s why we’re not always so good at loving others – because we don’t love ourselves enough.

Loving ourselves is not to do with thinking we’re better than everyone else, or standing in front of the mirror for hours admiring what we see; rather it is recognising within ourselves that we are precious, our life is valuable, we have a part to play – and that we are known and loved by God.

As Paul reminds us,

You are God’s holy temple, and his Spirit lives in you

And if that doesn’t make us special and loved – what does?

And that it the basis from which we can love others.  Because we realize first how much God loves us.  We bask in that love, let it soak right through us – and then from us to those we meet.

Thank you Lord for the depth of your love for us.

Thank you that you live in us

May we let this sink in –



love me.

I am precious to you.


And then may I love others, as much as you love me

~ by pamjw on February 15, 2011.

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  1. thank you

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