Don’t hide


statue in Madurodam, Netherlands, of the nameless boy plugging a dike.

One of the favourite stories when I was at school was of the boy who put his finger in the dyke.


The story of a boy who sees a leak in a dyke in Holland, recognises the danger of the leak, so puts his finger in the hole to stop it.  He stays there all night, despite the cold, until he is found and the dyke is repaired.

He was just a young boy, but he saw and need, and did what he could.  In effect all he had to offer was his finger, but that was enough, and it saved his village.


Having talked to the crowds about true blessings in life, Jesus now challenges them to go and do something.  They are not here just to receive the blessings from God, but to share those blessings with others.  They are called to be salt and light for the world.

It seems totally ridiculous to have a light and put it under a pot – no one would see it.  Light is for illuminating, for helping people to see; the whole reason of light is for it to be seen.

The same is true of faith.  It is a comfort, and brings us blessing, but the point is to let others know that too.  A faith that we just want to hug to ourselves is of no use to anyone else, and not fulfilling its entire purpose.  Don’t hide your light away, says Jesus, let it shine, let it guide, let it help everyone.


But perhaps we feel that we have nothing to share, nothing to show, just little old me getting on.  We don’t do anything grand, we aren’t anyone special – but that is not the case.  Everyone has something to give, something to show, something to share.  Everyone has a story to tell of what God has done for them.  Everyone who knows God’s blessings has his light shining in them – and that is what they have to show.

The Dutch boy had only his finger to offer – but what a huge difference that made to the people of his community.

However big or small we feel the light shining in us is, we all have it.  We all have something to show.

Will you let God shine in and through you?

Will you stand for him as a beacon of light for others, showing the way – God’s way?

God’s light in you is precious – don’t hide it away.


Thank you Lord

that your light shines in my life,

that it illuminates my path

and warms my life.

May I not hide away,

keep your light for myself,

or feel I have nothing to show.

May I stand tall and proud for you

that your light may shine

and people may see you.



~ by pamjw on February 2, 2011.

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