What I really want

Don’t worry, I’m not going to bombard you with a pop song this time…

You know the feeling.  It’s someone’s birthday, and you have no idea what to get them.

I had this dilemma recently.  A wander round M&S didn’t really help (other stores are available!).  Then I had another bright idea – but I thought I’d ring to check first.  Turned out it wasn’t such a bright idea after all.  But at least they told me straight.

It can be really difficult to know what someone really wants.

Thankfully (I think) God tells us just what he wants.

The people understood that God wanted sacrifices.  So should they bring calves, or thousands of sheep, or rivers of olive oil, or even their first-born sons?  All generous gifts.

But totally missing the point, because the rest of their lives didn’t match up.

What God really wanted from his people was that they

“See that justice is done,

let mercy be your first concern,

and humbly obey your God.

It’s not what you give to God.  It’s actually quite easy to buy something, even something expensive, and wrap it up and present it, with no feeling what so ever, but just to be needing to be seen to be doing it.  It is the motive behind the giving – and the rest of life that really matters.

To give the best of their produce was not the point – the way they lived their lives was.

There’s no point giving everything away if our lifestyle is not right.  We can give, but not love.  We can give , but show no mercy.  We can give, and be so proud of our giving.  We can give, and still not care for people.  We can give from what we have, without ever really giving anything.  We can give of our things, without ever giving of ourselves.

But what does God really want

“See that justice is done,

let mercy be your first concern,

and humbly obey your God.

Will we give it him?



I have my bright ideas

about what I can do.

But are they really what you want?

I am generous in what I give,

but is it what you really want?

Help me to seek you;

to see that mercy is done;

to let mercy be my first concern

and in humility

to do what you ask of me.


~ by pamjw on January 26, 2011.

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