Remember then

This weekend Mr Pamsperambulation and I finally got to see The Kings Speech.  As we came out we remarked to each other how many missing gaps we have in our knowledge of recent English history – it was never something we were taught in our ‘very modern’ 70s education.

Though I have to confess I have never been too much troubled by history, preferring rather to look to the future – and try to sort today out!

I do realize though, that a modicum of awareness of the past is no bad thing.  Human beings have not changed much over the centuries.  Despite how civilised and advanced we think we are, we still are fundamentally the same.

And so the past has lessons to teach us.  We can learn from the mistakes of others, and we can learn from how they went about things.

The prophet Micah reminds us of another reason to remember.

Remembering what God has done for us.


As we recall the past, we remember all the times God was with us, when he walked with us in our difficulties, when he carried us when we were weary, when he comforted us when we were alone…

God has always travelled with us, and always will.  Our remembering forms the basis for our going on.  As we recall what he has done in the past, for us and for others, we carry on in faith.

And as if anyone ever needed an excuse for some Shawaddywaddy (OK so I’m a child of the 70s, it had its good points!):

They’re remembering a time that has passed – but remembering the good in it – remembering then.


Thankyou God

That you have always travelled with us.

In the good times

and the bad

you were there.

Help us to remember,

to learn,

and to walk on

with you.

~ by pamjw on January 25, 2011.

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