Missing the point

It’s very tempting when you write a blog to get hung up about the statistics – how many are reading your erudite words?  But I have to remind myself that is not the point.  Yes it’s great if people read what I write, but mainly I’m delighted if it helps someone – and that only needs one person; and in honesty I write it for myself, for what it does for me.


The Sadducees, in their encounter with Jesus are totally missing the point.

The come up with some convoluted hypothetical story about a man who is married, but dies having no children.  So, as would be the custom, his brother marries the woman and also dies without having any children, so his brother does the same, and so it goes on through seven brothers.  Whose wife, they want to know, will she be when they all are raised from death?


So the only question they have to ask Jesus about resurrection life, is such a pathetic one.  They are missing the point big time.  Surely far better to worry about whether you will be worthy to be there, than any practical implications.


The advice to the Thessalonian Church is pertinent – resurrection life is about God’s love for us, his eternal comfort and hope – not domestic arrangements.  Only God can make us holy, only he can help us do and say the right things – that is what is of eternal significance.

In all Job’s questioning and wondering about the longevity of his own words, realises that whatever happens to his body, he will see God, he will not be a stranger to him, and that is what he looks forward to.  He lets God take care of the rest.

There is much misunderstanding around about the resurrection and life in heaven.  Jesus focusses on what really matters  – we will live in God’s presence and we receive his comfort and hope now.  We are no stranger to God – he knows us and loves us  – and will welcome us into his presence.


That is the point.

~ by pamjw on November 1, 2010.

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