Thank you

I have to confess that one of my pet hates is people not saying thank you.  Its not really that I’m looking for gratitude, but an acknowledgement is good.  Acknowledgement that something has happened – especially something that didn’t have to – the giving of a gift, spending time with someone, opening a door, preparing a meal.  It is good to thank you – after all it costs nothing.

Saying thank you show an attitude of heart.  It shows that you are thankful for what you have, but equally importantly shows that you have noticed what someone else has done.

In the context of our readings it is acknowledging what God has done for us.Both these occasions take place in the context of healing, but the principles apply to all of life.

Naaman had been suffering from leprosy. His wife’s servant girl suggested that if he went to the prophet Elisha, he could heal him.  Naaman was not very keen on what he considered to be Elisha’s unorthodox methods, but when he eventually followed them, he found himself to be cured.  Through this Naaman realised and acknowledged that God “is the only God in the whole world”, and brings a gift to Elisha in thanksgiving.

Jesus met ten men with leprosy.  Each one of them was healed as they responded to Jesus’ words.  But only one of those men came back to say thank you.  The other nine just went on their way, happy to receive the blessings, not thinking to thank the one who gave them.

It is so easy to take God and all he gives us for granted.  Do we take the time to stop and consider what God has given to us, his goodness to us?  Do we return to him and thank him for his generosity?

God has given us so much.

It is good to take time to stop and think, acknowledge and give thanks.  Let’s take some time to do that now – and every day.

~ by pamjw on October 5, 2010.

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