Dear Malcolm vi

Chapter XIV takes up the subject of creation and the presence of God in his creation.

He begins at the point of God not giving his creatures any powers that he himself does not possess.  Human beings, whoever they are and however gifted, “never in the ultimate sense make.  We only build.”  Whatever we do, is done only from out of what God has already given to us.

He then moves on to the fact that God is in everyone, and everything.  “The very Pagans know that any beggar at your door might be God in disguise.”  We are other than God, but how we treat people is how we would treat Christ.  “God is present in each thing, but not necessarily in the same mode.”

“It is well to have specifically holy places, and things, and days, for, without these focal points or reminders, the belief that all is holy and ‘big with God’ will soon dwindle into mere sentiment.”

So seeing God in all things is both a challenge to respond – and yet not become blasé.

“We may ignore, but can nowhere evade, the presence of God.  The world is crowded with him”

So there is a part of God everywhere.  Our challenge is to see it, and respond to it.  How often do we see only what we want to, or what is uppermost on the surface, without scratching any deeper to see what is really there?   How often do we feel we cannot feel or hear God, when perhaps we are avoiding him in what is around us?  And that takes time and energy, not writing people and situations off.

Reality is rarely the perfection we think it will be, but is the better for that.  Reality is beyond the box we might put it in.  Deeper, greater, stronger.

God is not tame, limited by our imaginings of him.  He is way beyond that – and it is perhaps that that makes him believable.

I’ve ‘taken up’ C S Lewis for Lent.

They’re a couple of books that I found when we moved, and thought ‘I must have another read of those one day’.  Well in an effort to do something productive during Lent, ‘one day’ has come.

I started with The Screwtape Letters and now I’m moving on to ‘Prayer: Letters to Malcolm‘ , first published 1964.  It must be about 25 years since I read it – and a lot of water has passed under this bridge since then.

I’ll share just some of my random thoughts as I work my way through it – hoping they might spark some thought.  Feel free to comment!

~ by pamjw on March 25, 2010.

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