Dear Malcolm v

Letter XII considers mystic prayer.  I’m not sure his is convinced by mystic prayer – and certainly doesn’t think it is for him.

For me, prayer comes easiest when grounded in reality.  I was reminded of this as Lewis speaks of walking in the hills.  I still think the best prayer times I used to have were when I walked to work.  Things along the journey, peoples houses that I passed, the wonder of creation would spark my prayers.  My life is different now, but I still like triggers for prayer.

Of course, there are times when it is good to get caught up in what you might call the wonder of heaven, but I’m very practical and pragmatic, and really need something to keep me focussed.

Having said that I also like prayers with few words, and lots of space for God to be.  I was reminded of this in church yesterday morning – thank you to a preacher who gave us space not words in the intercessions.  I need to ‘be’ with those situations, not ramble on about them.

A few perambulations for a Monday mornaning about practical praying…

I’ve ‘taken up’ C S Lewis for Lent.

They’re a couple of books that I found when we moved, and thought ‘I must have another read of those one day’.  Well in an effort to do something productive during Lent, ‘one day’ has come.

I started with The Screwtape Letters and now I’m moving on to ‘Prayer: Letters to Malcolm‘ , first published 1964.  It must be about 25 years since I read it – and a lot of water has passed under this bridge since then.

I’ll share just some of my random thoughts as I work my way through it – hoping they might spark some thought.  Feel free to comment!

~ by pamjw on March 22, 2010.

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