Have you got the missing peice?

We’re iced in our road this morning.  We’ve been snowed in for days, but now it’s turned to thick sheet ice, and even those who had managed to get out some of those days are getting nowhere today.  We tried it… very bad idea…

But what this weather had done, is brought out the community spirit.  And everyone has done their bit to help.  Some have been able to shovel the snow, others have pushed cars, whilst I offered hot drinks to those digging.  There was a brilliant piece of team work and neighbourliness yesterday when three men went out at the same time, pushed the first one to the top of the hill, who then stopped, and came back to push the next, who stopped and all came back to push the third – so they all got on their way.

Today on the ice people were trying to salt what they can (to no avail!), someone lent their drive for someone to get a run up their drive, and I brought news of the conditions on the other side of the hill.  We’re all pulling together, offering what we can to build a community that’s helping each other.

This is, I think an example of what is meant in this weeks lectionary readings.

1 Corinthians 12:1-11 reminds us that we all have different gifts, all from the Holy Spirit.  We have different ways we can serve, but all those are serving the Lord.  The Spirit’s presence is shown in some way in each person for the good of all (v7). We all have some gift, some part of the Spirit’s presence in the world.  Going back to the Covenant Service, there is some task God has given each of us to do.  Some part we can play that no one else can, a unique gift God has given to us.  If we don’t share that, if we don’t play our part, then the world is lacking.

I enjoy doing jigsaws and it is so annoying when you find that a piece is missing.  It may only be one piece, but it completes the picture.  With it’s lumps and bumps it plays it’s part – and without it the picture is not complete and doesn’t hold together properly.

Whoever we are, we have something to bring.  I love the gospel reading from John 2:1-11.  Jesus made some fabulous wine.  Was it in glorious ornate precious wine flagons?  Was it presented with a flourish?  No it was in the stone jars that held the water for washing feet.  You might have missed it, or dismissed it because of it’s container.  God is not worried about containers, but about contents.

Both in ourselves and in others, let’s not miss the gifts that God has given.  Everyone has something special, unique and precious.  Everyone is loved and chosen by God, and given their task.  Lets share what we have, and allow others to share their gifts, that the world might be complete – and reflect the whole picture of God.

~ by pamjw on January 13, 2010.

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