Remember, remember

November is a time for remembering:

As mentioned last week we remember All Saints and All Souls – where we remember those we have loved and lost.  People who have been a part of our lives, loved us, nurtured us, given us their love.  We thank God for them, and for all those who have influenced us.

Then we come to Guy Fawkes.  I never quite understand why as a nation we want to remember someone who set  out to kill others – and got it spectacularly wrong.  Apparently it’s the King’s escape from assassination we’re celebrating – but Guy Fawkes is the name we remember.   But sometimes it does us no harm to recall the stupidity in history. As we do, we remember the daft and wrong things we have done.  We remember them before God, and ask – and receive his forgiveness.

Then we shall come to Remembrance Sunday, and the Eleventh hour, of the eleventh day of the eleventh month  when we remember the sacrifice of others – not just in years gone by, but sadly still a daily occurrence.  We remember not just the soldiers, but their families and loved ones, those who stay behind, those who make their sacrifice in other ways.  We remember those who have given themselves that we, and others, can know freedom.

We remember before God…

And as we do, we can remember too God’s faithfulness to us, through all those times in our lives.

God has been with us through the good times – and the difficult ones.  When we have been at our splendid best – and when we have got things wrong.  Through times of love, pain and sorrow.

We remember before God, and we give thanks that God never forgets us or abandons us.

We remember …  and we give thanks…

~ by pamjw on November 3, 2009.

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