Daily Bread

One of the ongoing challenges of my life is keeping stocked up with food.  No sooner do I buy it and bring it home than people eat it!  I’ve often considered that it would me much easier to take our knives and forks and eat in the aisles of the supermarket, at least that would cut out the hauling it home and putting it away.  These readings however speak to us of on-going provision.

Elijah has had enough (not of bread, of life).  After the death of the prophets of Baal, Jezebel has threatened him  that she will do the same thing to him (i.e. kill him).  So Elijah has fled for his life.  He asks God to take his life.  God’s response is not to do that – he hasn’t finished with him yet.  Instead God provides him with a meal.  He wakes him from his sleep to feed him, and then does the same again.  If he doesn’t eat up, God tells him, the journey ahead will be too much for him.  Elijah does as God says, and the food he has provided gives him strength to travel forty days and nights.  God feeds him for the journey ahead.

Jesus’ promise goes way beyond that.  He is the bread of life that gives eternal life.  He comes down from heaven and gives himself so the world might live.  He nourishes not just for today, but also tomorrow and into eternity.

God feeds us and nurtures us.  He supplies our needs for the journey he calls us on.  Elijah was given bread for the journey, in Jesus we have bread for ever.  Let’s feed on God, allow him to meet our needs, and feed us day by day – that we may walk in his strength and in his ways.

~ by pamjw on August 5, 2009.

3 Responses to “Daily Bread”

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  2. Ons dagelijks brood, zoals in het gebed geef ons ons dagelijks brood , alles hier op planeet aarde komt van God, toen ze Hem niet geloofden liet Hij brood uit de Hemel regenen.Hij voedt ons niet alleen met brood, maar ook Geestelijk, Hij laat Zijn lichtje branden in ons hart. Is de Koning der Koningen, maar lief, goed en barmhartig. Zie het kruis. We moeten waakzaam zijn en lopen in zijn sporen. Amen.

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