Using your loaf

picture from bibbiablog

picture from bibbiablog

The one thing you do if you’re expecting visitors, is make sure you have enough food in to feed them.  But Jesus wasn’t expecting these guests, so he wasn’t prepared.  But he did still want to make sure they were fed.  A plan is needed.  After a quick calculation Philip realises it will cost too much to buy enough bread, even if there were anywhere to buy it. The Greek says Two hundred denarii would not be enough. A denarius was equivalent to a laborer’s full day’s wage.  So something else needs to be done.  There is a need.  How will it be met?

Step forward a boy with 2 fish and five loaves.  He hasn’t much, but he offers it all to Jesus.  And Jesus takes it, blesses it and uses it.  Job done.

What have we got to offer that might enable God to meet someone else’s need.  Two fish and five loaves is hardly a spectacular gift to offer, but in the willingness of the giver, and the hands of Jesus, it is all that is needed.  We might think we have nothing significant to offer to Jesus, but what we have might be exactly what he needs in that place at that time.  Are we as willing to offer to him? In the words inscribed at Tabgha, in the picture, “Love, like five loaves and two fish, is never enough until you give it away”

We offer – and God uses.

That is not the end of the day.  The disciples set off back to Capernaum in their boat.  Another storm blows up!  They are terrified, but Jesus goes out to them in their fear, meets them in their fear, and takes them to safety.  Jesus meets needs.  Wherever we are today, in hunger, in fear – Jesus comes to us, shares with us.  We too are called to share with him, and with those in need in our lives and in our world.

~ by pamjw on July 23, 2009.

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