What goes around, comes around

Are you a glass half-empty person, or a glass half-full person?  Do we judge ourselves by what we have or what we haven’t got.  It can be tempting at times to define our lives by what we haven’t got – especially if someone else has a nice shiny one of what we’d like.  But it is much more wholesome if we reflect on, and give thanks for, what we have.

How do we judge our giving?  By what we have and are grateful for, or what we haven’t got and think we need?  Paul suggests that we give in proportion to what we have.  Not to make life hard for ourselves, but to bring some equality into the world.  He goes on to suggest that if we do this, when we our in need someone will give to us.

This is a reciprocal way of giving, that is not about “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”, but caring for those around and seeing justice and equality done.

Paul suggests to the Corinthians ways in which they do well and are blessed: faith, gifted speakers, knowledge, enthusiasm and love – this is what he wants them to give from.  What are we – you and I blessed with?  Spare time?  Gifts of hospitality?  Encouragement?  Kindness?  Cheerfulness?  Cake baking?  Ability to teach others?  What do we enjoy in abundance?  How can we share that with those who do not have so much of it?

Can you invite someone round for a cup of tea?  Can we pick up someone else’s shopping whilst we’re at the supermarket?  Do we have the time to pray for others?  Can we spread a cheery word to those we come into contact with day by day?  Whatever it is we have plenty of, God calls us to share with those who need it.

After all, if we all lived like this, there would be no more need in the world.

~ by pamjw on June 24, 2009.

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