In praise of libraries

I have rediscovered my local library.

I’ve always liked reading.  I partly gave up on libraries because I was bored of the offerings; and more importantly, I had so little time to read, I had to renew them so many times before I got to the end it was ridiculous!  But having the opportunity to read more than I have in recent years, I was getting fed up with reading the same old kind of books. So I challenged myself to try ones different to my usual style, ones that would challenge, inform or just take me somewhere different.  All well and good, but a bit of a risk if you’re paying good money for them – plus at the rate I now get through books, I was in danger of running out of shelf space!

So off I went a few months ago to my local library and I have not been disappointed!  They have a great choice of brand new books; recommendations; and even by the door a “quick selection” if you haven’t time to peruse deeper.  The staff are friendly, and often take time to chat about the books.  And all included in my council tax!

~ by pamjw on June 17, 2009.

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