Let’s talk about it

Something I’ve believed for a long time, and over the weekend it’s come together twice.  Last Friday we met for ‘Folk who do lunch and talk about God’, where we actually sat down together over delicious soup – and of course cake – and talked.  About our lives, our life journeys, where God is and has been in them, and generally just shared together.

Then yesterday, the Preacher also chose to share some of their life story.

I find that really encouraging to hear wher others have been and where it’s brought them – and not just because I’m nosy!  Thinking about it, the bible is full of “people’s stories”.  It’s the journal of people’s life experiences, and where God was with them and what he was saying.  We can all relate to other people life stories, even if we don’t “do theology”.  So let’s talk more together.  Then we can support and encourage each other along the way.

~ by pamjw on March 30, 2009.

One Response to “Let’s talk about it”

  1. God is always in our life experiences, it’s us that often try and exclude him or don’t even acknowledge that he’s there. So as a fellow sharer of both the instances you talked about, it was good to have the privilege of the experiences.

    We all have a story to tell and whether we think it’s relevant or not is not important. God uses us in ways that we cannot even begin to imagine.

    We need to make time to do more of this ‘story sharing’ and I look forward to the next occasion, whether it be planned or ‘incidental’.

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