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What Do I Want?

Solomon making a sacrifice to the idols


What do I want?

But look how I have
got things wrong,
not followed your path,
chosen other ways,
gone against what you ask.
I have tried to merge your way
with another way
and it doesn’t work.

Yet despite all that,
you still invite me,
ask me,
call me
and give to me.

What should I ask of you,
what do I long for,
yearn for?
What do I need from you?

Thank you Lord,
that you continue to ask me,
invite me to call to you,
whatever I have done,
wherever I have wandered to,
that we are still talking
and you still long to give to me.

So today,
I stop
and think.

What do I want from you?


Not the easy answers,
the quick fixes,
the attractive distractions

what do I really want from you,
in the depths of my being?
What do I need
to live my life
for you,
to fulfil
what you call me to?

grant to me also
wisdom to know
and to ask
for the right things;
to live the right way;
to bring glory,
to you.

Solomon prays for wisdom http://www.cultureelerfgoed.nl/

Solomon’s Prayer for Wisdom

Teach Me to Dance to the beat of your heart

1 Kings 2:10-12, 3:3-14 (CEV)

David Dies

10-11 David was king of Israel forty years. He ruled seven years from Hebron and thirty-three years from Jerusalem. Then he died and was buried in Jerusalem. 12 His son Solomon became king and took control of David’s kingdom.

3Solomon loved the Lord and followed his father David’s instructions, but Solomon also offered sacrifices and burned incense at the shrines.

The most important shrine was in Gibeon, and Solomon had offered more than a thousand sacrifices on that altar.

One night while Solomon was in Gibeon, the Lord God appeared to him in a dream and said, “Solomon, ask for anything you want, and I will give it to you.”

Solomon answered:

My father David, your servant, was honest and did what you commanded. You were always loyal to him, and you gave him a son who is now king.Lord God, I’m your servant, and you’ve made me king in my father’s place. But I’m very young and know so little about being a leader. And now I must rule your chosen people, even though there are too many of them to count.

Please make me wise and teach me the difference between right and wrong. Then I will know how to rule your people. If you don’t, there is no way I could rule this great nation of yours.

10-11 God said:

Solomon, I’m pleased that you asked for this. You could have asked to live a long time or to be rich. Or you could have asked for your enemies to be destroyed. Instead, you asked for wisdom to make right decisions. 12 So I’ll make you wiser than anyone who has ever lived or ever will live.

13 I’ll also give you what you didn’t ask for. You’ll be rich and respected as long as you live, and you’ll be greater than any other king. 14 If you obey me and follow my commands, as your father David did, I’ll let you live a long time.

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Hints on Happiness


(Psalms 1-41)

The Way to Happiness

God blesses those people
    who refuse evil advice
    and won’t follow sinners
    or join in sneering at God.
Instead, the Law of the Lord
    makes them happy,
    and they think about it
    day and night.

They are like trees
    growing beside a stream,
trees that produce
fruit in season
    and always have leaves.
Those people succeed
    in everything they do.

That isn’t true of those
    who are evil,
    because they are like straw
    blown by the wind.

By McKay Savage from London, UK [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

Sinners won’t have an excuse
    on the day of judgment,
    and they won’t have a place
    with the people of God.
The Lord protects everyone
    who follows him,
    but the wicked follow a road
    that leads to ruin.


So the way to be happy is to refuse bad advice, to not sneer at God, but to read and think about God’s word. As trees draw life from the stream, so the wise draw their strength from God.

Wisdom Calling

Wisdom, mural by Robert Lewis Reid. Second Floor, North Corridor. Library of Congress Thomas Jefferson Building, Washington, D.C. Caption underneath reads “KNOWLEDGE COMES BVT WISDOM LINGERS”.

Oh to be wise…

Wisdom is defined as

knowledge of what is true or right coupled with just judgment as to action; sagacity, discernment, or insight.

Very useful and helpful attributes to possess.

In biblical terms, such wisdom would be deemed as following God’s ways, walking in justice, knowing what he would do.

But in Proverbs, Wisdom becomes the personification of those things – and more besides.

Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31 (CEV)

In Praise of Wisdom

With great understanding,
    Wisdom is calling out
    as she stands at the crossroads
    and on every hill.
She stands by the city gate
    where everyone enters the city,
    and she shouts:
“I am calling out
    to each one of you!

22 From the beginning,
    I was with the Lord.
    I was there before he began
23     to create the earth.
At the very first,
    the Lord gave life to me.
24 When I was born,
    there were no oceans
    or springs of water.
25 My birth was before
mountains were formed
    or hills were put in place.
26 It happened long before God
    had made the earth
    or any of its fields
    or even the dust.

27 I was there when the Lord
    put the heavens in place
    and stretched the sky
    over the surface of the sea.
28 I was with him when he placed
    the clouds in the sky
    and created the springs
    that fill the ocean.
29 I was there when he set
boundaries for the sea
    to make it obey him,
    and when he laid foundations
    to support the earth.

30 I was right beside the Lord,
    helping him plan and build.
I made him happy each day,
    and I was happy at his side.
31     I was pleased with his world
    and pleased with its people.

Wisdom demands attention, calling out loudly to everybody.  This is not a message to be whispered or hidden, but yelled from the rooftops for everyone to hear.

We go on to hear a description of wisdom.  Wisdom as an intrinsic part of who and what God is.

We see Wisdom as God’s life before creation, there with him as everything was put in place.  So are we to understand her as

Spirit of God was hovering over the waters (Genesis 1:2)?

Kenneth T Aitken suggests she was “God’s intimate companion” (p83).  She is as at home with God as she is with human beings living in his world.

Wisdom speaks sense because she was with God from the beginning.  She was “in” on creation.  She understands intrinsically how everything should work.  That is why she is to be listened to, why she has a word for each and every person in the world, regardless of who or what they are.  No one is above her, no one is below her.  She has a unique insight into our world.

Wisdom can be seen as God’s Spirit, God’s voice into where we are – we should be listening to what she is calling – that we might know truth, right and justice.

may I hear your voice
speaking truth and right and justice.

Over the noise of life,
over the decisions I have to make,
into relationships
and day-to-day living,
may I hear
all you have to say.

May I know
your ways,
your answers,
your direction,
your life.

help me to listen
to you